Desktop Readers

ThingMagic – Elara UHF Rain RFID Reader

The ThingMagic Elara (UHF) RAIN RFID Reader is an all-in-one plug-and-play USB RFID scanner for short and medium-range applications that require a quick setup and easy customization, powered by the ARM-based Cortex-M4 architecture and integrated antenna reaching up to 6 ft (2m) read range.

N545 RFID Desktop Reader (UHF, HF, LF)

The NEO Desktop RFID Reader is an easy-to-use RFID desktop reader with integrated keyboard emulation. Its modern and elegant design sets it apart from other RFID desk readers, and its easy handling makes it flexible enough to be used in many areas.

Using the USB 2.0 interface, the Desktop RFID Reader can be quickly and easily connected to PCs, tablets, notebooks and other devices. Due to the integrated Keyboard Emulation (KEMU) no further software is needed for the use of the NEO Reader.

RFID Desktop Reader NEO is available for the RFID frequencies HF and UHF, as well as a cost-effective LF Read Only version. Keyboard emulation is included in all versions.

Invengo – XC-RF855 RAIN RFID Desktop Reader

Invengo’s XC-RF855 Desktop RAIN RFID reader is a comprehensive (UHF) reading and writing station equipped with an integrated RFID reader module and built-in antenna. The device has excellent read and write performance, suitable within a variety of applications like retail, health care, and many others.

Invengo – XC-RF812 RAIN RFID Desktop Reader

The Invengo XC-RF812 reader is a compact integrated RFID (UHF) reader that delivers excellent performance at incredible value. With an built-in antenna, the XC-RF812 it is a perfect solution for single read environments including Retail Checkout, Healthcare inventory control, desktop commissioning, access control. The XC-RF812 is a great tool for improving operational efficiency in a wide variety of applications.

Invengo – PAD500 Reading Station

Invengo’s PAD500 Reading Station’s innovative design combines industry-leading ultra-high frequency (UHF) reader technology with a unique embedded antenna into a single, flexible, cost-effective RFID table-top solution for various read/write applications found in such processes as quality control, repairs and item registration. Small in size and convenient, the PAD500 Reading Station is compact enough to fit on most desktop stations.