About Us

RF Data Systems is a leading importer of RFID, Barcode and Biometric devices

RF Data Systems is an exclusive authorized distributor and service provider of Chainway products widely used in industries with a requirement for high end RFID, barcode and biometric data capture solutions.

Our solutions are utilised in a broad range of applications including animal management, logistics, retail, asset management, healthcare, wholesale, energy consumption management and finance.

With majority market share in barcode products throughout the region, we offer high performance mobile computers, UHF RFID readers, industrial tablets, biometric readers and vehicle-mounted computers.

Our products assist businesses to improve their efficiency and accuracy in barcode scanning, and provide unrivalled high-speed connectivity, reliability, and comprehensive read/write and NFC capabilities.

All our products are supported through our service agreements and standard warranties and are competitively priced to meet the market. 

C71 Mobile Computer