Construction & Mining


Plant Safety

The construction environment is dangerous and fast moving. We have developed a cost effective solution which aids staff in keeping safe around construction machinery. Our technology may also be expanded to vehicle to vehicle alerts, or vehicle to stationary item alerts.


Asset Tracking

Assets may be tracked using RFID which ensure an item keeps its identity throughout its life. Barcodes an labels can be damaged and become unreadable, where RFID will read at range not matter the environment. Maintenance records are kept and alert put in place for assets which require inspections and certification.

In an underground mine, readers and antenna may be set up throughout the mine detecting passing tagged staff. Should any emergency happen, a list of people in the mine can be quickly identified and where they were last scanned giving a near location.

Field Service

With our Trimble handheld tablets and smartphones, field service has never been easier. The daylight readable highly rugged devices