Signal Shielding

Shielding Fabric

Naturell is our most popular decorative natural cotton fabric with excellent radio frequency / microwave radiation shielding characteristics.
Premium Sheer natural cotton fabric.
Ideal for curtains to shield windows or bed canopies.
Designed and manufactured in Switzerland.
OEKO-TEX Certified as a skin friendly textile and free from harmful substances.

  • Shielding Effectiveness 99.99% or 40 dB at 1000 MHz and 99% effective up to 10 GHz
  • Effective shielding for cell towers, cordless phones, security systems, wireless computer gear and more
  • Sheer fabric, easy to work with
  • Easy care – Washable, with no loss in protection

EMF Shielding Paint

EMF shielding paint for Interior & Exterior applications

Now monitored by TÜV-SÜD. The whole production process including quality control, emission behaviour and economical use of preserving agents is subject to monitoring.
Excellent shielding qualities for protection against RF radiation, microwave and from low-frequency Electric Fields if grounded.

EMF Shielding for Windows

Designed to block analogue and pulsed digital signals from external sources such as microwave transmitters, cell phone towers, neighbours cordless telephones and Wi-Fi signals.

Signal Protect Clear, formerly SLTWF1 is the key to high performance windows and keeps your building safe, new and cool. This film is virtually undetectable on your windows but provides a Radio Frequency barrier as well as keeping your home cooler and more comfortable while protecting your décor.

Aluminum RF Shielding Foil

Excellent High Frequency RF Shielding characteristics.

Our Aluminum RF Shielding Foil is designed to block analogue and pulsed digital signals from exterior sources such as Microwave Transmitters, Cell Phone Towers, neighbours/neighbours Cordless Telephones, Wi-Fi signals, Smart Meters and more.