Mobile Computers

C4050 Fingerprint Reader

C4050 Fingerprint Reader

Removable Battery, Multi-functions Available

The C4050 Fingerprint Reader is a robust, industrial class, handheld computer built for harsh outdoor environments. It has powerful data collecting functionality and delivers flexible, uninterrupted wireless connectivity with 4G network, Bluetooth and dual-band Wi-Fi options. It’s ideal for animal management using a LF RFID reader with antenna extension rod, and inventory checking, utilising the UHF RFID reader’s excellent data collection capabilities. Incorporating state-of-the-art Zebra/Honeywell barcode scanning technology, the device delivers fast, accurate results and supports LF, HF, UHF, RFID and NFC reading functionality. 


C66 Handheld Computer

More Powerful, More Extensible, More Advanced in Every Way

The C66 Handheld Computer is a rugged, powerful Android device integrated with barcode scanning, NFC and other functionality. With a large 5.5-inch high definition display screen and Qualcomm octa-core processor, it supports fast charging and high speed processing. With superior data collection functionality, it can be deployed across a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, asset tracking, retail, logistics, warehousing and energy tracking.


C71 Infrared

Enable Distant Meter Reading

The C71 Infrared device is an industrial mobile computer with long-distance meter reading capabilities. It can be configured to collect diagnostic, consumption and status data from either water or energy metering devices, or as a high performing 1D/2D barcode scanner. With a hard plastic shell, it’s resistant to damage and its touch panel enables use with wet fingers or gloved hands. The high definition 13MP camera with flash, 5.2-inch display screen, powerful 5000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, and portable design, makes it ideal for a wide range of industrial uses.


C71 Mobile Computer

Expandable Functions, Flexible Applications for Multiple Industries

The C71 mobile computer delivers high-end biometric authentication with advanced data capture functionality and efficient barcode scanning capabilities. The superior iris scanner has an incredibly low false acceptance rate of 1 in 10 million, and it can be configured with an optical fingerprint sensor, producing quality images regardless of external conditions. It supports NFC/HF RFID where fast, stable connectivity, high security and low power consumption is required for purposes of e-commerce and user authentication. With two optional PSAM card slots to enhance security and cryptography performance, its application can be used for bus, metro and on-street parking. It can also be configured with an Infrared meter reading module in the collection of water and energy consumption data.