Industrial Tablets


P80 Industrial Tablet

8'' Screen & 8000mAh Battery, Abundant Functions Available

The P80 Industrial tablet deploys the latest IPS technology with an 8-inch high definition display screen, and zoom-in or drag-and-drop features, enabling a complete full picture view of data at a glance. Offering a variety of functions, including iris and facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, NFC/HF and 1D/2D barcode scanning, the industrial-grade device is widely used in identity verification, retail, warehouse management and logistics. In addition, it can be integrated with an IR meter reading module to collect data from water or energy meters from a long distance.  An optional PSAM card slot delivers high security and cryptography performance in user authentication and e-commerce applications. 



P80 RFID Tablet

Best-in-Class RFID Reading Performance

The P80 RFID tablet is an industrial grade device suitable for a wide variety of applications. Its feature rich data collection capabilities include iris and fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, infrared, barcode scanning and NFC/HF. Utilising the latest IPS technology, with a full HD 1920x1200 display screen, it captures all information without having to zoom in. The accurate Zebra barcode scan engine allows high-speed capture of 1D/2D barcodes with a wide scan range and distance.  It can also be integrated with an IR meter reading module to collect diagnostic and consumption data from water and energy meters. With a variety of connectivity options, including ultra-fast 4G LTE, dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and rugged performance, it can be utilised in inventory and asset management, identity verification, retail, warehousing and meter reading.