Health Care


Health Care

RFID automatically tracks or identifies patients and personnel, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, instruments, blood-bags or different kinds of samples and helps to prevent human errors and medical malpractice.


Asset Tracking

The Batteryless RFID – Imperative in Healthcare.
Why you should consider passive RFID first.

Given today’s economic environment, the low cost, easy to deploy benefits of UHF RFID readers and tags allows hospitals to select a single or a small number of critical areas to deploy a Passive RFID solution – based on immediate need – then expand to additional departments or add complementary components as more resources and budget become available.

Further, the ability to embed Passive RFID into mobile and stationary devices allows hospitals to benefit from patient-centric applications that would otherwise not be possible, such as point-of-care solutions and services, automated pharmaceutical receipt & distribution, ADT, and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) applications.